It's evolution baby

This gritty portrait was inspired by legendary song and its awesome music video from Pear Jam, Do the evolution.

Rendered in internal.


Great job! Especially on textures.

holy crap! nice texturing on the clothes!!

Nice :slight_smile: Skull is very big for the helmet though.

Nice one! It has a strong atmosphere, it really looks like an LP cover. Keep it up!

superb work :RocknRoll:, low that song .

Very cool! Very nice lighting and textures.

loving the textures and details, great job!

Hi everyone and thanks for your input, it’s much appreciated as always.

The skull truly is a bit on the large side, but I had to make it a bit larger than normal to fill more of the helmet. Othervise it would have looked quite silly.

Hi Deadend, I really like the technical execution of your works… The concepts are little dark :slight_smile: but in general an amazing stuff! Congratulation. Would you like to share some info with us about your textures, like size, quality, rend - setting etc, something more technical about the scene. Also for this particular image, is it any post production on it?

Keep showing, Cheers :wink:

Looks great! Blender Internal you say? I never managed to make materials look good under lighting in BI, but yours are fantastic here.

I’m curious of how you did the micro-scratches on the canopy. i’ve never succeeded doing that in 3d.
Looks very good.

Hi folks and thanks!

Hi, my texture collection is a big mess, most of them are different sizes and shapes :o
I mainly use photo based textures that are modified to the current need, so the textures are quite dependent on the source materials.
In practice I try to work with as big textures as possible and avoid anything under 2000*2000, except with very small tilable textures.

This image had quite strong postpro in blender comp: defocus, glare and lence distortion. Outside blender I did some color correction, cropping and resizing, plus fixed some weird errors by hand.

Yeah, I very rarely use internal anymore, but with so dim lightening, closed surroundings with large glass surface all around the scene, it would have been very slow and difficult scene for Cycles to achieve the right mood. Sure the internal feels quite old fashioned and somewhat clumsy, but it still holds its place :slight_smile:

The canopy material is actually quite simple: a raytraced glass with densely scratched texture in specularity channel, plus small amount of bump from the same texture. And then there’s a dirt texture to give it a bit of roughness, but it doesn’t affect the scratches much.

Thanks ! I’ll have to try that in Blender.
i did these some years ago :

the helmet was modeled in Blender, all the rest in Maya.
the all rendered in Mental-ray. in Hires.
And the micro-scratches was impossible to do … Or by using ultra hight res maps for the glass.
Which was impossible for my computer :slight_smile:
Ended up doing the micro-scratches in post.

Thanks for sharing this info with us! Great Result!
Please keep going :wink:

i want that helmet :slight_smile:

yes its really looks great :slight_smile:

Looks really awesome! I love the small details and the part of the wing you can see through the canopy. Also the textures are amazing!