It's getting that time of year again, snowman wip (updated)

(TazyTiggy) #1

I was thinking of the holiday’s coming up, so I made a snowman. I’m still working on the lighting, and the log cabin. And once again I have
shinny materials, I still have to work on that I guess.

(edited to add the picture)

(S68) #2

Cold! herm cool :wink:

Snowman is nice, but snow material need some tweaking… Maybe less Hard?

Hut is very flat, and it lacks a full background… First issue can be solved with some lightning tweaks… for the second, try adding few trees in BG and some mist :slight_smile:

keep it up


(halibut) #3

nice, i like the snowmans smile :slight_smile:

how about a few stars?
I think the snow would look more realistic if the bump map’s scaling was upped a bit, as the “bumps” i think look slightly too big, it might just be me though,

keep it up :slight_smile:

  • halibut

(digitalSlav) #4

agree with the bumps being smaller - looks like a golf ball snowman right now. nice work… should be a nice scene!

(TazyTiggy) #5

Sorry it took so long for an update, but my husband had surgery a few weeks ago, and I have been taking care of him. Now that he doesn’t need my help as much, I can get back to finishing this project.

I followed some of the suggestions I received. I fixed the bumpmaps on the snowman, and the snow some. Added some stars, as well as a door, shovel, wood, and a fireplace with smoke. I’m still working making it snow, I’m having trouble making it look right.

Click the picture for a larger view.

(Bapsis) #6

Very nice!!! :wink:

Now maybe you could add some Christmas lights around the cabin, in the Christmas colours like red and green. How about a moon with a silloueted (spelling?) sleigh and reindeer, so just a flat plane shaped like the sleigh and r’deer. I think that would make this pic looks awesomely Christmassy!!! :wink:
Also i hope your hubby recovers well, just give him lotsa TLC and remind him of this when you get ill in the future!!! hehe :wink:
Good work, keep going with it, it would make a great Christmas card for you to send to your rellies this holiday season!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend welll!!!

(TazyTiggy) #7

thanks for the comment, I’m going for more of a ‘primative’ style scene. Christmas around the 1800’s. I have done a few things to the pic since I posted the last update, I made the lantern, and the hurricane lamps transparent (well the glass part). And I was thinking about adding a moon, and maybe some mountains in the background.

Also thank you for the comments about my husband. He had his second knee surgery, and once he is up and walking well without crutches I’m having the same surgery done. I’m hoping to get this finished before then.

(TazyTiggy) #8
Click image for larger view.

Added some mountains, a moon, and the fence. I also made the glass transparent. I need to fix the lighting, I took out one lamp, and changes some setting, but still needs work.

(halibut) #9

very nice picture :slight_smile:

I like the way the snow has built up on the side of the hut.

To me the moon looks a little too dark, and perhaps the bump map is slightly too strong.

how about a lantern hanging from one of the tree branches, its just that as it is, we cant really see much of that tree! :wink:
Keep it up,

  • halibut