It's gonna be a good day.

Well, some of you may have seen my wip on these guys, I’ve done a little animating with them, and I’m starting to do some expressions… which require teeth. This is my first attempt at teeth, and for only being 175 polys I’m pretty pleased wtih them. C&C would be appreciated.

They don’t look like they’re actually separated. Not bad though. :] The only thing I can think of is that the canines (?) are too long. They’re actually about the same length as regular teeth, only tapered.

And most teeth have a bit more reflection, I think.

thats a nice toon shaded charecter u got there… at least i think its toony… lol

looks good

That is like the taste of Soylent Green: It differs from person to person. Mine are definitely longer than the other teeth, at least the adjacent front teeth.

i knew this guy we called drac. his canines were huge! and stuck out in front of his other teeth, like a wolf or something. POINT IS, weez all diff, ya know! Your model obviously had braces, or is Snow White’s son.

nice! The cap needs to be a bit more subsurfed tho. Good work.

Yes, I know ‘weez al diff, ya know!1’ but I’ve never seen canine teeth like that. :stuck_out_tongue: I was just trying to help.