its just anuder 350Z

:smiley: ya its just anuder 350Z … dis ones my try at it … C&C welcome

screenshots :


Looking good sofar.
Have a few corrections you can fix:

tanks for d comments ChevyVanDudeG20 … i tried to correct dose defects …
did a lil more wrk …:slight_smile:


the shaded rear


well, atsa nice starting progress :slight_smile:

little updates … i kno some parts dont match up like b4 … but dis is it for today … willl do d tunin tomm :stuck_out_tongue:


If you are capable of speaking english properly, do so.

its been some time since my last update … did the door … added tires and rims
… i wanna do disc brakes … ne tips ? C&C welcome as usual


Nice job!!!
But U have to fix some problems on your front bumper…Take a Look:

Redline: That detail of the car isn’t so round…look at the real one…
Orangeline: That part of your car is too sharp…At real one u don’t find that line!!!

Your car is very good, just fix these problems!!!
Keep the good work buddy :slight_smile:

tanks ART [Pendragon] !!!
i made the changes you pointed out …
was makin the windshield part today … theres this seam in the windshield wich just wont go away … i tot mebbe its the mirror modifier , so i raised the threshold value ( i dont remember wat the setting is actually called sorry ) but the seams still der :(… help !!!


Great model, its coming along nicely. Will be great if you finish it?

tanks … im surely gonna try

put the subsurf under the mirror modifier.


Jacco : its already in dat order :frowning: … i tink ill just remodel the windshield again … and hope ders no crack down the middle dis time

few updates :


Delete the subsurf modifier, then make a new one, the subsurf then goes after mirror…:wink:

im sorryy but i dont tink i understood correctly … the subsurf already is under the mirror modifier … are you sayin dat deletin and adding subsurf again mite solve my problem ?

ahh sry… i read your post wrong, i tried to correct my post, but you beat me…:o

at first it looks like to me that, you have extruded the edges of the window inward, along with with edge that is in the middle…:confused:

yaa … i did dat i was tryin to give the glass a lil width … i hv a feelin dat i made a really stupid mistake

Having the glass take up 3d volume usually seems to be a good idea if you want ray-transp to work properly; if you’ve got an internal face there just hide some of the top ones, find the inside one, and delete.

You could also sePerate the window into it’s own subobject and apply the mirror mod over there.