Its just me or blender 2.82 eeve render is 3 times slower?

I updated to Blender 2.82 and now eeve render just like a normal renderer and not realtime. Before in Blender 2.81a took me like 10 seconds per frame with a lot of obejcts. Now with just one object and two imported obj files it takes like 2-3 minutes. I reverted back to the 2.81a version and now is behaving the same!
MY PC specs are:
AMD Ryzen 3 2200g with 32Gb ddr4 2666 and two ssd 1Tb disks
My GPUs are Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4Gb ddr5 and Geforce 1030 with 2gb for the monitor.

I reduced the samples in Eeve to 16/16 and turned on D-Denoise and viewport denoise and still is slow. I could do 900 frame in 10 minutes and now I spent like 6 hours just for the same 900 frames

Denoise in eevee?
Are you sure you using eevee and not cycles?

D-Denoise in Eeve yes

Render resolution is just 720 x 720 px

Why would you use Denoising in Eevee? It’s not noisy usually - and the kind of noice it has (Screen Space Reflection etc) is not fixable with this Denoising.

I deactivate it and the render per frame is still 18 seconds. Before it was 2-3 seconds at 720 x 720

I found the reason for the delay and its so weird. I was using a internal shader texture called chekered texture from Blender as a displacement map. That raised the time 3x when I got rid of it and used an image texture instead the render became fast again. I did the 900 frames in less than an hour. Any explanation for this behavior?