It's Marty! (Marty Feldman)

G’day, here’s my Marty Feldman model.

Marty Feldman was an actor. (he died in 1982)He was most famously known as Igor in Young Frankenstein

I didn’t actually use much reference for this, I just took a quick peek at a pic of Marty when I thought something was wrong

Not bad, but he (obviously) has no lips, the lower part of his mouth isn’t sealed, and there appears to be some sort of artifact (a random hair?) on his left cheek (the cheek on our right). The neck is not very visible but it doesn’t look like it’s shaped right. I’m sure this is just because it’s a WIP.

Otherwise, I like it. The hair is very nice.

righty ho thanks, yeah, the whole mesh isn’t actually joined at the moment.

I want to make sure that everythings right before I move on, to stop problems later


naw crap I just noticed the nose, aw well, I just fix it up later

Moved to Focused critique at the request of Alex_G.

another update:

HAHAHA, it is marty feldman.

The eyebrows seem very weird. And he needs to have a little light colored hair(perhaps seperate particle mesh) for the very top of his head.