It's my first :)

Little introduction. I am a product designer, and I do most of my rendering in the software packages I design in. UG, Solidworks, Catia…etc… You guys may know those software packages were never originally designed to produce good renders so I looked into Blender.
Friday I worked up this scene, and have since been testing my adjusting my output files from my design program. I am importing using a batch vrml file. Its working ok, but not great as you can see in the renders. The mesh is kinda goofy, but using STL might help this.


Yafray or internal? I am leaning towards Yafray.


hey, still, some fine looking glasses.

Yeah, I see the bugs you’re running into. Hm, I wonder what’s causing them. Ah well, they look pretty good, nicely done, see if you can get a clean export. :]

Those faces are faceted because of the resolution of solidworks. I think if I export straight from UG to a STL file the geometry will be cleaner.