it's not 3D, but I designed it in 3D..

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It’s entirely hand-made (except for the pickup/electrical components, etc). The last time I used a powertool was to build a skateboard ramp ~ 10 years ago, so there are a ton of ‘doh’s!’ and ‘ahhh $$^#@#^&!!’ there - but I’m not going to point them out :stuck_out_tongue:

The body is ash, the neck is maple, and fingerboard is Bois de Rose (fancy rosewood). I created a bass in Blender a LONG time ago (modeled loosely after a black Washburn 4 stringer I had at the time), and in doing so, decided it would be fun to design my own bass guitar - as close as possible to being real. I don’t have any of the 3d work in digital form anymore (I’ll scan the prints sometime - computer crash, etc). This is the ‘living’ version of that 2nd bass I made.

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thats not 3D? :smiley:

very cool to finally see something REAL that was made in software first.


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Looks cool
One of the best renders ive seen with blender. Looks photoreal. :wink:
How well does it work?

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Very well! (suprisingly - I figure it was going to snap like a twig as soon as i tightened the strings :o)

I still have a few things to do - install the sidedots (unlined fretless, need my dots!), I have a passive EQ (no 9v) that I designed, but it’s giving me some hassle. Once I work that out, it’s going in.

I’m already designing my 2nd bass: 7 or 8 string, probably fretted, 36" scale, dual outputs, active EQ, the works :wink:


lol! that wasnt done in blender and u said wow one of the best renderings! lol!

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lol dude he was kidding 8)

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It doesn’t get much more 3D than real. How’s it play, or have you tried it yet?
Of course you’ve tried it, how could you resist.

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I think I’ve said it before.

I just love the realtime raytracing functions of ‘reality3D’.

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Nice Fender style guitar. You need some red-yellow sunburst paint.