It's not a ship (I'm a liar)

(ScottishPig) #1



err: Sorry, but I did get you to click the link…

It’s not finished yet, but here’s what I got. (Yes, the rigging is pretty much done)

(theeth) #2

I just had to edit your post’s title… :wink:

nice ship, again. I think this sounds like a broken record… nice ship… tic… nice ship… tic… nice ship… tic… you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

the deck textures are good. Did you model the bumps in the sails? It looks a bit too much like a bump map IMHO…

The greenish reflection is nice, but the wave pattern is too symetric.


(S68) #3

Nice image,

Ropes all over the ship are much better than your last post (colour is still questionable)

Masts are not bad, but they usually come in three (not two) sections, and usually top section is towards the bow, not toward the stern

Hull is nice

Get rid of that auric mainsail on mizzenmast! It can’t be that high on a realistic ship. It is much lower!!!


(Alltaken) #4

soften the shadow on the water by changing the lamp options to about 10 or more on the softness thing and 16 oversampling.

it looks very unbelivable.(the shadow that is, i don’t know much about boats)

actualy remove it alltogeter the reflection is suficient in making a shadow

some one should do a submerine.

but boats are good


(sten) #5

nice work scotty !! :wink:

(ScottishPig) #6

S68! You rock! (Finally, someone knows what the hell a ship is…)

Theeth: Uh huh. It’s modelled, not a bumpmap. I was messing a bit with nurbs.

As for the rigging, I’ve started using curves instead of extruded circles. It takes alot longer, but it looks slightly better too… I’ll be adding a deck texture in a few hours, and maybe some deck details…

About the spanker sail & gaff, it’ll be lowered & made… …more realistic.

(S68) #7

Thanx, I’m fond of ships… I sail when I can… I rendered only one ship up to now (on my website ) and I’m thinking to put it on a scene soon :slight_smile: