It's Not That Easy Being Green.

Here is my newest render. after Andrew Price’s blender meetup in Vancouver (which i went to) he was impressed with my age. so i showed him this render. he liked it so much he shared it on Facebook and twitter.
Hope you guys like it too. Please click to view full. looks much better that way :yes:

This is a comparison.

It seems to show just how effective his academy tutorials are, people who go through the whole thing tend to show a big leap in Blender skill.

The only things is that the grass in the pot seems to lack translucency and I don’t see why someone would have two identical copies of a number of those books.

yeah, i did not make the pot it is a model from the academy. and yeah, the book thing is kind of annoying, i need to make more.

Well there are some points in your image that let it drastically down.

You put a floor material on the wall. The wall is as thin as a paper. Should have a thickness of 30 or 50 cm. and the books of course.

But the chair looks pretty realistic and beautiful. YOu could easily make an awesome render out of it, just with a little bit more work

I would use an image plane for the background instead modeling trees. It isn’t realistic and the light is too bright.
The wall should have a thickness at least 25 cm (10 inch)
You can use ‘window generator addon’ to create nice looking windows.

i was going off the thickness of my wall. and i did use window generator.

The wall is 25cm thick. not paper thin, must just be the angle. Thanks :smiley:

It’s a great render (except window and background) :smiley:

I like this a lot! I will give one critical note- the blanket seems excessively thin. The folding/draping on it are nice but where its pulled sort of tight over the edge of the chair it looks almost paper thin. Wouldn’t be too hard to fix I would imagine. All in all great stuff!