Its now my enemy!

I hate BLENDER I:mad: quite!

did you quit* spelling too?

lol. I quit* too. Until final fantasy 12 is old news. Then I unquit.

why do u hate blender…cause u suck? well me too but im not going to quit, lol:p

Ughhh, this forum feels dirty now.

Here’s another person who came here thinking that creating 3d graphics would be easy… Good riddance.

yes blender is hard to learn. i think i got it the hard way sense i learn every thing on my own with out many tuts. and i usually come here to ask questions and post what i got. What keeps me going is that there is all ways someone bound to be better than you and i try to get better then them. Guess this is my way of keeping me a blender users.

Why would you say something like that? Do we really need to know that you quit? Are you just stressed out becasue its slightly challanging?


I hate BLENDER I:mad: quite!

O.K. See you later. Err, well, whatever.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Just try and learn how to do Blender, read the mediawiki documentation 10 times if that’s what it takes. Read through tutorials. Not that hard.

Quitters in everything will never be successful, to have a skill you must learn it, you refuse to learn and try you’ll never be able to do anything productive.

All right, blender not perfected.