It's Official: Dr. Ton Roosendaal!


Congratulations Ton!

I’m watching it right now… lots of people at this school… so many names.

Ton was the first to speak, I hope it was recorded.

^^ dame I missed it.

Congratulation Dr. Ton! :smiley:

Congratulations Ton!

It’s a well deserved accolade.

Thanks for your years of enlightened leadership of some of the best open sourced software in existence.

+1 to all of above.

Yeah congratulations you definitely deserve it!!! Looking forward to get a video on youtube or similar.

I wanna see this! But wmv link doesn’t work for me? Who the hell uses windows media player to play online videos anyway? Youtube or vimeo pls.

This is really great and well deserved. Nice that academic field has noticed what Ton archived.

Congratulation Ton!

Congrats to Dr. Ton Roosendaal !

Peace :).

In the US (and probably every other nation), Doctorate is the highest degree you can possibly get and thus the highest honor.

Congradulations Dr. Roosendaal, this is another common way to use the Dr. abbreviation.

Thanks for the correction!

Well deserved indeed! :slight_smile:

Congrats Dr. Roosendaal! The title is well-earned!

Gefeliciteerd Doctor Ton!

Since Ton is made of pure win, he definitely deserves it!

After all Dr Ton has done, this shows how the blender is perceived by the academia. Well worth the effort of the fine artists and programmers.

Gefeliciflapstaart dr Ton

So, now we will call him Dr Ton?..sounds a bit odd…I like it.
Grats Ton(Ahem…Dr Ton).