It's official: There will be a 2.48 release, planned for Oct. 1st

Also in the link Ton and Brecht will be discussing plans for 2.50 before long. 2.48 is going to have the new Apricot BGE stuff as well as goodies from the patch tracker and bugfixes. The BGE may have bullet softbodies by then as well.

I’m not against a 2.48 release, as there has been a bunch of stuff added since 2.47 alone.

That’s cool. The thing is, we will inevitably need a bugfix release after this, and that’ll be 2.49. We can’t have even a slightly unstable version while 2.50 is being developed, because 2.50’ll take a lot of resources and a long time to complete. 2.49 is too close to 2.50, that’s why I still believe that it should be called Blender 3.00. :smiley:

Egan I so agree with you.

I’m not against a 2.48 release, as there has been a bunch of stuff added since 2.47 alone.

Me neither, version numbering is not important as improvement keep coming :slight_smile: … Besides,there’s a lot of bug fixes happening since 2.47.

As a personal opinion (no speculation intended), i wouldn’t be surprised with a 2.49 announce before 2.50.

Wow, they updated the minutes: It is great that 2.50 is starting to be discussed again. I am really looking forward to it!!!

what ever they add and name it doesn’t matter

so great to see it evolve !!!

I’d like it to be called 3.0 too, but as others have pointed out in the end of the day it doesn’t really matter that much.

Look at it from this perspective. We get 2.48 really soon, then 2.49 as a bugfix release and then they run out of numbers and have to make 2.50 :slight_smile:

I’m glad i saw this coming

'Bout time. :wink: The devs have collectively squished more bugs in the last two and a half weeks alone than the entire time between 2.46 and 2.47 !! (Check the logs, it’s been crazy)

I don’t really care about versioning numbers. The only real justification for jumping all the way to 3.0 IMHO is if the devs decide to break backwards / forwards compatibility with previous versions. (To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if they do. There’s a lot of things that could be fixed “the right way” if they did)

2.49.1 :mad:

does this mean the GLSL will be in it?

I certainly agree with that comment!

Woohoo! A day before my birthday! The perfect present! :smiley:

Wait, how come this is so much more exciting than 2.46 or 2.47??? Cuz i don’t get it :frowning:

It looks like the apricot GE integration and possibly a few of the amazing SoC projects will be making it in, that’s why,

Looks like the Fluid Control Branch is in (its in trunk). :smiley:

2.48, then 2.48a.

My guess would be that the 2.48 release will be the Apricot version of Blender, as the Apricot DVD is scheduled to be finished at the end of September (ie early October).

So im guessing it will be the version released with the Apricot project, kinda how 2.46 was for BBB (Peach).

does this mean the GLSL will be in it?

yeah…will it be there, then?

It’s coming with FREESTYLE!!?