It's official!!

That Quiznos ad is absolutely the worst and most annoying I have ever seen anywhere!!!

Will it actually entice anyone to go out and buy their product?


The one with the talking kittens? I can agree it is somewhat grating, possibly even rivaling the 1st head-on ad.

The group of ads that I dislike the most are the “call for a class-action lawsuit on medication” ads, the voice in those ads is simply robotic and sometimes come on twice in one commercial break.

Don’t get me started on the Levi’s jeans “booty reader” ad.

heh, considering this site is on my very short white-list for ad blocking… I actually know what you are talking about. but yes, any quick flashy ads are annoying after the first time you see it, and at least the quiznos’s one stops after one time through.

edit: How are they going to get “my” video on the radio?

Yes, isn’t that an enticing come-on? I’ve always wanted to have a video on the radio.

I agree, reallllllly gets on my nerves. I will NOT be eating at Quiznos anytime soon.

I hate them, I hate em,'speciously the ones that are run back to back. I think that the tax ones get me really the worst. (Well, everything “gets to me”). I think that they are made to be irritating on purpose, that way they stick in your mind, you see?

PS: I yell at my teevee a lot!

You can’t… video killed the radio (star). commence with the groans :stuck_out_tongue: That was lame, I know.

Wonder if the same team of ad geeks comes up with all the stupid/annoying/pointless ads? If we get rid of them maybe the world will be a better place (don’t mind my ramblings, its just the 10th cup of Cuban coffee talking)

Another thing that “gets to me” is that you may be watching an actually interesting program, then an add comes on. Okay, so you flip through the channels and they all have ads on. It is almost as if were timed. Sheesh!

I seem to recall reading that that is intentional, actually. It’s supposed to discourage you from switching channels.