It's over, BlenderArtists!

At the time of writing, I have 24 hours and 57 minutes of 2006 left. That means any New Year’s resolutions not fulfilled within the next 24 hours and 56 minutes will never be fulfilled this year :eek:
2007 is right around the corner. Another 365 days to do the stuff you always wanted to do. Before we’re there, I’d like to ask you what your resolutions are.
Will you learn to play an instrument? Be nice to little sis for a change? Try to sell a Blender work? Save humanity?
Whatever your resolutions are, share them here. And then it’s up to you to live by them. :wink:

Mine are as follows:

*. Write the damn book I’ve been planning for 4 years.
*. Further my studies of music and the bass guitar
*. Pay back the debts I owe to my favorite musicians.
*. Become a better person. We all need some headwork. I’ll try to get mine done.

Happy New Year BlenderArtists!!! :p:cool::D:)

Happy new year!
My new year’s resolutions:

  1. Get first post on a thread - Done!
  2. Think up more resolutions - Hmm, I’m working on this one…:smiley:

2007! Yaaay!

what!?!?!?!?!?! it’s possible to sell work made in blender!?!?!?!?!?!???!!!?!? how!?!?!?! where?!?!!?
!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ( ha, I like doing those !?!?!?s)

-have lots of sex (what? that’s on every guy’s list)
-start a design site up
-perform solo for an audience of 100 plus
-make a cd (yeah right!)

Shiess I have to loose 20 kg in 24 hours.:eek:

@Lua, Dude your Sig’s always cracks me up.
I don’t make resolutions, things just happen. Maybe I’ll make one this year… I’ll have to figure out what it’ll be, I’ll get back to ya on it.

You’re getting worse and worse at posting useful things, animator :wink:

ignores Jeepster

The thing is, most guys don’t ever get to check off that first item on your list, Lua :smiley: If ever you make a cd this year I’ll buy it :wink:

Don’t worry, bigbad. Cutting off a limb or two should do the trick :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be awaiting your reply, jack.

Oh…I want a girlfriend. [Looks around] Oh, darn it, if I don’t get one in 2007, that’ll be 5 years of failure in a row! hmm…

Oh and I want a new computer (not happening)

I resolve not to make any resolutions.:smiley:

And more sex, Lua’s got the idea:cool:

EDIT: Oh I almost forgot: More sex:D

Maybe you’re trying too hard, Jason? Girls can smell a desperate man even if he’s acting as cool as a fridge; it’s something you can’t control as long as you can’t control your attitude.

That a way ta go, FadieZ :wink:

Nah, Charlesworth999, I’m kinda not really trying. Haven’t met many girls who feel like sticking with a ‘smart/nerdy’ kid. Not nerdy…but I’m not the football team captain, if you get my drift.

So I’m excessively patient, then, I guess.

I resolve to be patiently patient for 2007.

jack: just so you know, i don’t mean any offense to Christians. would do it if it applied to santa too. funny though, i know. :smiley:

fadiez: we should make a contest out of it. :stuck_out_tongue: tally it up at the end of '07.

Jason: there ya go, boy. the only thing you have to remember, don’t try to explain why sub-surface scattering has been hard for open-source applications to achieve. :stuck_out_tongue: just play it cool, like you are. don’t let 'em know you’re a geek though.

FadieZ: Omg u have a hi5…coool…its really hard to get people with them these dayz…i have one too though…

Well if you’re feeling lonely you can add me:D

Hell, what do I care, add my friends too:p

iight i will add you…

For every one guy that replies with sex as his resolution, mine is to read one book to compensate for the collective iq.

I wish there were enough books in the world for that to come true:(

You have a negative IQ, maybe? j/k

back on track, folks!
I haven’t heard many resolutions yet? They can be to-do lists for your life as well.
For instance, one of my to-do’s is meeting the voice actor behind Homer Simpson :smiley:

ha, my resolutions:

  1. Make a cd(Or a demo CD)
  2. Perform in a contest(hmm, sounds familiar)
  3. Contact a music publisher, or record label…

so i take you don’t have a lot of sex? have fun with your books. :slight_smile: