It's over, EA's long bid to acquire Take-Two has officially failed.

This proves for one thing, not only does this prove EA can’t just buy any company it wants anymore. But EA also won’t take over franchises like Midnight Club Racing, Bioshock, GTA, and 2K sports.

So if you’re worried that EA would ruin Midnight Club and Bioshock, there’s no more need.

My opinion, I could care less about GTA, but a cousin gave me a Midnight Club game for Christmas and it can be fun.


I’m getting really sick of EA ruining all of these good games, I’m glad they finally have been bucked by another company, I hope this is something that other companys follow.


This just goes to show that not everything can be bought.

This doesn’t mean that EA won’t buy them out at a later date. We better make sure that we keep buying games from Take-Two to make sure they remain strong enough to fight off EA.

If EA took over the GTA franchise, i would seriously consider hanging myself. :no:

lol i wonder if you guys had seen this

EA is really lame! They kinda ruined Spore…Its fun…But i think it could have been better…
And if GTA got took over by EA…Id probably strap a bomb belt to my self and blow up the company…well i wouldnt but i would really be pissed!

Caaaaareful :wink:

Besides, they didn’t ruin Spore. It was never meant to meet expectations. It’s not about the game, it’s about making money. Honestly. Take the Madden games. I see room for maybe 2, 3 madden games total to allow for improvements. What have they changed in the game’s 20 year history?
-player names and statistics
-I suppose a few gameplay elements

EA …Stinks …
pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht , man which world are you from .midnight club is nothing in front of NFS and Bioshock is nothing for the Crysis.
btw ,they dont make all the games stink ,they make others games stink .and thats something good in buisness,XD

Yeah I mean ProStreet was truly excellent and Crysis has a totally amazing story :spin:

couldn’t care less.

“could care less” would mean the opposite of what you really meant.


Its called slang… =]

EA used to be great, but they’re costumer support plainly sucks. I’ve lost some bucks on their games because of some some unmentioned detail that I didn’t have.

EA’s online registration crap really makes me think their games are broken. I don’t know, but other games seem like they can handle themselves, but with this registration every time you log on, like Battlefield 2, it feels like the game is slow or something. I’ve had so many problems with EA’s customer support and registration and everything I’m ready to ban those two letters.

Duh… take-two is just a small step away from what EA is all about…

No it’s not.

Uh, yes it is, lol.

Errr, no it isnt… Leaving the ‘t’ off changes the meaning of the word and overall meaning of the sentence. Thats not slang, slang is a shortcut or easyer to prounounce version of a single word, which doesnt effect the overall meaning of anything.

Im looking forward to getting Dead Space, looks like an interesting game. I think EA needs to work on some certain areas of both their games and support though… :no:

Its sarcastic slang.

Lol… :no:

Y A Y ! !


Lol, i love how the mods stepped in, locking the thread saying “we have to lock this thread because its leading nowhere except to insults at EA” then 1 post later the Mod says the issue is resolved, but the thread is locked so the guy who made that awsome thread couldn’t say it himself.