Its raining Camaros

The second half of the year has started and I haven’t worked on a car, hmm that can’t be right. So here I am trying to set things right with an as detailed as it can get 2010 Camaro RS. This time am going to do a proper interior,not a mockup one like I did for my M6 and hopefully my rendering skills have improved so that I won’t drop the ball on the last bit.

I am also going to try my hardest to keep this one out of the car studio environment. Early days but here are some quick renders.

For the final scene I want to be a little bit ambitious I have not seen to many night time renders of cars before so I am aiming for that.


Good start.
but not a very good choice. not just because every other guy models a camaro (as you acknowledged) but also because there are much better choices out there like a murcie, astons, etc.
with camaro you can already say goodbye to any attention unless the render is SERIOUSLY good.
anyway now that you have started you better make up for it by super detailing!

90% of those guys are just starting out with car modeling so we are not on the same level so to speak, my weakness are more with Lighting, texture and comp work not modeling.

Lamorghinis and Astons are not really my kind of cars; German marques, Japanese exotics, American pony and muscle cars are more my thing. I thought about the Nissan Skyline but that will have to be for another time probably next year or so.

hey, i wasn’t saying anything about your modeling
i meant that its so common that it might be overlooked by the average guy browsing a forum.

about the camaro

Camaro: A classic American muscle car

  • Australian engineering (platform)
  • Built in Canada
  • Designed by a Korean

In todays world nothing really is German, Japanese , or American muscle. its all well blended.:wink:
sorry for straying off topic. i will stop spaming your thread now.

yet if I said those words German marque, American pony, muscle car or Japanese exotic you are not going to think a Land Rover or Ferrari now are you regardless of who designed the cars, where the built etc…;).

If the parent company is American, German or Japanese than their cars get Identified as such sometimes it just be about where the brand originated from Jaguar is now owned by Tata Motors but am sure people still think of it as a British car the same can be said of Rolls Royce even though the are owned by BMW.

Moving on front bumper is done yet I am no where near happy with it:o that sucker has some funny curves and lines and the are tripping me up especially the lower parts.


nice, you dont see many night time renders these days, but yeah, a camaro is such a modeling cliche these days. the only reason i checked out this thread was the raining part… lol… expected to see a million cars falling from the sky :wink: anyways, ill be following this :stuck_out_tongue:

@gregzaal well it could have been an audi tt:cool: how’s that for cliche.

This car is one tricky little devil, I have been work on the side a bit but the part with the ‘vents’ is kicking my butt. What I thought were ‘vents’ turned out to dents, damn blueprints:o. I have made the side dents but making them fit without distortions is a PITA. The gaps are the parts were my topology is undecided I can’t work out a way yet to make it without distortions but I will bash it out.


Doors look a bit flat. They are a bit convex
Looking good and clean so far.

thanks I will check with some where I am off and correct.

I totally agree! Having seen one of your cars in the past, I am sure this will be excellent. And the thread title will keep this from being overlooked for sure, :).

I agree too, tyrant monkey makes good cars…
About the title…you ARE going to make camaros rain right? :stuck_out_tongue: (just do it for fun:) render might take awhile though…)
But yeah good progress there mate. And are those really dents?!? I thought they were vents too! i mean how do you know they are dents and not vents?

wow thanks guys, I hope I don’t disappoint. About them been dents not vents I thought the were vents too. I even started modeling them as vents, I should have checked my photos firsts:o

from the RS version
from the SS version

small update, the main body is complete all I have to do is tweak it to match the photos and clean up some topology


double post

Looking pretty good! The gap in the body panels near the front wheel well look kinda off, but other than that it looks pretty good! Can’t wait to see where you go with this.

hey man this is nice, what is your world/lighting setup?