its really slow

is there any “quick way” to do renders or test components when you are changing liittle things in complicated scenes?

Render Preview… go to View then press Render Preview…also it matters which way YOU look at you work


With your mouse over a 3D window, you can press SHIFT-P to get a small render window that you can move round and resize while you’re working.

thx, i am working on a bike that ill post when its done and am specifically trying to get that black thats on cars. my problem is that with the lights im using it comes out gray and even though i made it reflective the lighted parts look like plastic and the ulighted parts dont show cause theyre black.

My trick is a little know keycombination shift-b. (it rocks) :slight_smile:

Chose a 3d window. click 0 on keybord to get into camera view. Click Shift b and define the area you want to render, click f12. Now it will only be the bit that you selected with shift b that actually gets rendered.

Hope it helps…

Yep, that is Border rendering…disabled by unchecking “Border” in the Render panel. Kinda like the render Preview in the new versions, but it does not give you a simple preview, but simply the part of the final render, which you have selected.