It's snowing!

(VelikM) #1

4:30am september 20th, and it’s snowing :o
It’s not sticking yet though.

(fullback) #2

5:50 am here. Gonna be hotter 'en a Priest’s palm today.

(paradox) #3

Boo that reminds me it should be snowing here soon too. Never know.
Last year we had a snow in June didn’t stick but still wild.


(Dittohead) #4

well that figures you live in alaska. :smiley:

but it’s pretty warm here in southwest washington.

(SGT Squeaks) #5

ya, usually its cold by this time. Somethings wrong here in Utah!!! :-?

(fullback) #6

Do you guys realize how lucky you are? There was some snow here in the late 70’s (so I’m told) but it wasn’t much to write home about. Bummer. I grew up in Illinois so I remember the downside of heavy snow, but oddly, I still miss it.

It’s kind of hard to sled/ski down a hill composed of dirty foxtails and weeds!
You can do it, it’s just rather painfull! :frowning:

(SGT Squeaks) #7

It’s kind of hard to sled/ski down a hill composed of dirty foxtails and weeds!
You can do it, it’s just rather painfull! :([/quote]

hehe, sounds like fun!!! :smiley:

(ray_theway) #8

Yup, our state just got a first snow (only up north, not down here). We got a couple days’ worth of rain, and I have worn wool sweaters for the last few days. (Now I know you folks are gonna laugh at me with this one) - Today’s low was 50º. :stuck_out_tongue:

(fullback) #9

I have tried it — when I was a kid — only we had to use polished pieces of plywood (excuse the alliteration) for sliding. Wipe-outs were something to behold.

Bringing out the nastiness in anyone is easy when they have foxtails in their socks and underwear! :x

(IMProvisar) #10

That all sounds nice, but back home we don’t have hills. lol… we do, but no steep ones. South Alabama is about as flat as can be. Any elevation change is just slow rolling hills. And mom woke me up once back I think around '87 or so… it snowed for about 20 minutes, and that’s about the only time it snowed in that area that I can remember.

But… we get to have fun in hurricanes. :slight_smile: I remember busting my but doing something like a “Pirates of the Carribean” move to get on my sailboat. It was so funny. The river was up, water level just about an inch above the peir. That in itself is fun, I remember Juan, the eye passed right over us. It was so calm and clear, the river was so flat. The water was just about at that level, and I walked out to the end of the peir… there’s a picture somewhere of me looking like I was walking on water, hehe.

But this one was Danny… ‘97 I think, weirdest storm I’d ever seen… I count 5 seperate landfalls between Louisiana, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle. We forgot, and the hatch was open on the 21’ catalina. The boot (covers the boom and sail when it’s down) was flying loose. We had tied the boat so it sat farther from the peir for safety, and it was rocking… tough to get on. So funny, I caught the boot, and tried to swing onto the boat… “SPLASH!!!” ROFL. Busted my but, and the two friends with me nearly fell off the peir laughing, but I wouldn’t trade that memory for the world.


(fullback) #11

Weather is so damn boring here. Fog – clearing — hot (summer). Fog — overcast — cold (winter). BORING! Northern California needs some nice tornados to go along with our earthquakes and brushfires.

(Ecks) #12

I live in Quebec/Canada so I think we have one of the worst winter in the world (except alaska, north pole etc…) We have like -20C–30C during winter and 20C-40C in summer…that is so terrible…ask teeth he will say the same thing!

(rogerm3d) #13

true :frowning:
Maybe we should inport some 5,000 tons of ice and snow
now that would make stuff more fun :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

(VelikM) #14

Just give me a valid credit card number (min $4,000,000 US limit) and a deliver to address, I’ll take care of the rest. 8)

(Timonides) #15

I think we have discussed this thing again in the past VelikM… :smiley:

Please don’t make me feel jealous of you… :smiley:

Unless… you are actually, aiming at my credit card… :stuck_out_tongue:

skontar. :wink:

(DreamMaster) #16

Wow how surprising! :o