it's that time again...

(muteinvert) #1

…when i realize my old website was deleted for prolongued innactivity(6 months+) and i need an even BETTER host. Does ANYONE know an website host with these specifications:
-50 megs minumum
-no popups
-lots of bandwidth

if you do, call the maury show, at 1-800-5 um…someother numbers…aw, the hell with that, just reply to this post :smiley:

(gargola) #2

LOL he he he! :smiley: .mine,but it’s in spanish :frowning: also,no annoying banners in the middle of your page(or anywhere on your pages :wink: ) it’s pretty fast,never been down since i signed with them and the best…free!!! LOL :wink: but it’s in spanish.

(muteinvert) #3

spanish, eh?i’ll try it anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

(gargola) #4

well,if you need any help,i’ll be here! :slight_smile:

ps: if you do need help,PM me.

(dreamsgate) #5

acasto is hosting mine.
email him @

[email protected]

and it is in english.