It's time Mr. Freeman

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. So here it is.

I used the HDRI lighting system in Blender which worked great but I couldn’t seem to make the bump maps show without using external lights. Does anyone know if that’s possible?

Anyway, enjoy.

P.S. You can find a higher-res version here


Nice! Now Gabe Newell will release HL3 2 weeks earlier :smiley:

Wait, isn’t HL2 Episode 3 supposed to come out first?

Yeah but now that you mentioned it it it is five minutes later.

Very nice, i like the texture on the hl2 logo.

I like it, am a big HL fan. How about using something like octane/indigo/cycles on this?

And this reminds me…where the **** is episode 3?

Every time you ask, it will take another 5 mins.


I just wanted to test the HDRI lighting in Blender. I also wanted to see the compositor in action. This is %100 Blender. No external image editors.

I might render it in either Cycles or Luxrender in the future but it probably won’t be anytime soon (I’m busy with another project right now).

Nope, he said it will be hl3

Very well done, T.M.

Thanks. I’m wondering if I should’ve gone easier on the DOF effect?

Ah hehehe!!! I ought to show that to my sister. She REALLY likes half life (probably about as much as I like portal and portal 2 :D)

That reminds me. I should do something for Portal, too.

Lemonades anyone?

ill also do a portal thing just cause i can. if you want ill send you a copy of the portal gun .blend file

No, thanks. If it comes to that I’ll model it myself. There’s nothing like the feeling of achievement after a finished model (or a whole project), right?

Right! Here’s something I made for something on SPUF
Those stick figures came from the blender noob to pro book disc. So whoever here made those thanks! I would’ve made my own characters but it would taken all day. Maybe even a whole week. The one at the end is holding my portal gun.

Great job, looks great. I really like your texturing, adds greatly to the realism.


It could be just me, but I think he’s talking about my image. Just a hunch though.

I’d agree.

Here’s the evolution of the scene. - 1.1 MB