It's Time: Short Film

I just got done with a new little video. I hope you guys like it. I used Blender 2.79’s new “Principled” Shader. I was going to use the new De-Noiser effect, but It takes to long on my MacBook Pro. Then I composited it in After Effects and did the final coloring in Premiere Pro. :wink:


not bad :slight_smile: like it. one thing i notice is that the shoulder of the robot arm does not interact with the arm. There is a problem with the joint… The upper arm does not settle in the shoulder part.

ah, I see what you’re saying, Yea. the problem most likely is that the shoulder is a still tracked to my body just over the arm animation. I should have animated the shoulder part with the arm so it wouldn’t … look so weird. Didn’t see it until you pointed that out. thank you! Something to fixe next time I attempt this.

You might even be able to just do a 2D track on your footage and parent your arm to that for a quick fix without rerendering etc. Just a thought. Good work!

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