🎃 It's time to get spooky... tag your Halloween artwork with #halloween!

Blender Artists is extra spooky today… I just opened a new #halloween tag so we an enjoy a dedicated Halloween gallery! I’ll go through some existing posts, but please update your own work too.

Also, enjoy the Halloween theme :wink:



Done! :smiley:

:heart: the Halloween bats! :bat:


Haha yeah they’re cool right? Discourse released it this week as a theme component. Did you also see the new loading icon?



I missed the loading icon, and a browser refresh happens too fast to see anything initiated here (Chrome on Windows 10).

I also added a Halloween gallery link to the top row.

@Metin_Seven if you have some time, could you also add the tag to some Halloween related work by other members?

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Sure, will do. Should it be recent works, or does that not matter?

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Recent-ish I think, let’s say from the last 12 months?

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Oh, by the way, I leave a comment like this one so people understand what’s going on:

I added your work to the #halloween gallery :+1:


done! just signed in and i’m loving the forum :heart:


Awesome. Welcome to Blender Artists!


thank you so much!!

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Would it be possible to make this something each user could switch off in their control-panel next time? Maybe it already was, but I coudn’t find any option in my preferences yesterday.
Anyway, my point is, people may have different opinions on these things, and it’d be nice, if we could switch that back to normal ourselves.

Personally I considered that Halloween-theme quite annoying, to be frank. On another note, it’s kind of silly how this kind of thing is being pushed and promoted everywhere on the internet these days.
Tells a lot about the economic and cultural dominance of the US to this day, especially in the tech-/internet-businesses.
Same as e.g. that whole ‘Black Friday’-thing or (even more dumb and openly pro-profligacy) ‘Cyber Monday’.
What will be next? St. Patties? Thanksgiving? (Flying animated stuffed trukeys? -Yes please, I’ll take 30 dozen!).

Not that I’d want to turn this into a political discussion, but why be so eager to take over all the marketing-driven pseudo-holiday festivities? I know you’re seeing this from the ‘it’s just a fun way to exchange ideas and make artworks on a common theme’-kind of side, but it has an aftertaste.

This theme component wasn’t something you can switch off. Sorry you didn’t like it.