It's time to play good idea, bad idea.

Just to have a forum game where you have well more than 3 words per post. The rule is simple, I start with a subject, then you post a good and bad idea related to the subject (must be somewhat related to each other vaguely or closely), and then you pick the next subject. It can be very broad or very specific.



-Good idea: Have a robot that puts toys in the chest
-Bad idea: Have a robot which moves toys on the floor to another location on the floor.

Here we go.


Great fun I suspect!

-Good idea: Have a clock that makes you be everywhere on time.
-Bad Idea: Have a clock that screams every half-hour only in the middle of the night

Feathery pens

Feathery pens
Good: You can share them with your lover
Bad: Allergies to feathers or too many new friends.

3D braille

  • Good Idea: Have a feathery pen that gives a more elegant feeling when writing as compared to ball point
  • Bad Idea: Have a feathery pen still attached to bird

Lawn mowers

Doh… too slow.

3D Braille -

Good - Allows the blind to read
the Bad - 3D braille at drive up ATMs…for all the driving blind people

Again…I say Lawn Mowers

Good Idea - Using a lawn mower to cut your grass.

Bad Idea - Using a lawn mower to make a maelstrom in your pool.


P.S. Is this inspired by the Animaniacs filler cartoon?

Good- Making wicked awesome images and movies!!

Bad-Attempting to scale your “model” of your local household cat using said blender…this has an unfortunate side effect of turning your model into a fluid sim and changing the texture… (It doesn’t work believe me…)




Good: Inspires ideas and inputs from around the world.
Bad: It gets locked or deleted.

Skinless dragons in swimming pools

Good idea - Dump oil in the pool and light it on fire.

Bad idea - Get in the pool with the skinless dragons.


I kinda meant that the new topic is Gumby, but whatever…


Good- Cool uber epic, awesome super powers
Bad- Horrible, painful death



Good: Where would the sun be without it?
Bad: Not very nice to living creatures exposed to it.

Hairless overweight hampsters

Good: You’ll never have to brush the hairs of your hampsters, and they won’t make a dirty room either.
Bad: You can’t throw them down the stairs without killing them because the overweight accelerates their falling speed and doesn’t allow them to survive (note: I have not tested this fact).

Peanut on a stick!

Good idea: Cover them in honey and have a sturdy stick
Bad idea: Have the peanut in a plain form and use the stick to shove it up the trunk of an Elephant.


Good: They are fuzzy friendly creatures that tend to lower your blood pressure and at times make you laugh.

Bad: Some people mistake them for bagels and try to spread them with cream cheese and smoked salmon while other folks mistake them for bugles and try to play them and in the process over inflate them.


Good idea: Really good and always seems to cheer you up
Bad idea: Drinking an entire can in one day

Extrusion modeling

Good Idea: Quick snake model pre-vis.
Bad Idea: Modeling tighty-whiteys with an… extrusion.

Chips and Salsa.

Good Idea: That burning sensation in your mouth
Bad Idea: That burning sensation in your mouth


Bad Idea: Modeling tighty-whiteys with an… extrusion.
lawl, quote of the day :smiley:

salt and vinegar chips

(teh best)

Good idea: Yummy!
Bad idea: Eating them while you have a cold sore (ouch)

Paper clips

Good idea: keeps the paper together
Bad idea: when that paper clip is on your computer screen and your using Microsoft Word

Working on two computers

Good idea: use it as a miniature render farm
Bad idea: Use one computer while using the other to spew spam about hygiene products