Itunes 8.0

well… heres the story
Our ship (im curently deployed to the middle east on a naval vesel for the next 6 months) pulls into Dubai for two days and i go out and buy the new ipod nano, cool little thing
now heres the problem, we are underway now and it says it requires itunes 8.0+ to work (i got the 7.0 on my laptop)which FRIKIN SUCKS couze i cant download it off the itunes website using the navy’s computer network (its blocked), the question is does any 1 know of any mirror website that i can download it offa so i dont have to wait till the end of november when we pull back into port lol…


This work:


XNetwork Access Message: The page cannot be displayed blocked

By the way, Windows or Mac version?



Why are you using iTunes? There’s plenty of other programs that work with iPods.

You can download it for free. It’s MUCH better than iTunes.

You’d gotta wait till you get to Dubai then…

thanks man, brothershoft is actually working and im downloading the file now, evethou this 65 mg file is gona take forever at 15 kbps lol…

Thanks for the links thou :slight_smile:

hobo joe, i know winamp is better then itunes BUUTT, it doesnt recognise the new nano as a device for some unknown reason… dunno why…

well a little problem has came up…
aperantly i needed the 64 bit version of itunes for windows vista which i didnt download, i got the dam 32 bit version so after like an hours download i gota find it and re download it again…

Hey ur in the navy? :smiley:
Ur on Windows huh? :frowning:
Well then, wait for Dubai…(Ur from India?)

lol what??? Ye I am in the United States Navy… aboard a ship…
Im running windows Vista 64 bit on my laptop lol
and no, im not from India, Brooklyn NY is where i Live, Born and raised in Lviv Uktraine thou
anywho, i got the ipod to work somehow (miracelously) by using several plugings for winamp… i can at least transfer songs onto it without it going all crazy (unlike certain other software that messed it up a bit)