iTunes troubles

I recently bought one of the new iPod Classics (yes, scorn me now). I’m having some trouble adding video to it. I have the video file I’d like to add in my My Videos folder, and it’s in MPEG-4 format, which iTunes should support. From iTunes, I choose file > import file > select the video > Okay. However, no video file is imported. I can’t import any video files into iTunes (music files work fine). Thoughts?

Thank you,

You have to make sure it’s encoded using a proper MP4 encoder. MPEG-4 has many different variations and sometimes if you use open source encoders, the format isn’t compatible. If you see an option for H264, use that.

In one of the more recent versions of itunes, there was an update that broke some videos encoded with ffmpeg and to fix it, the videos needed to be passed-through video and audio using quicktime in order to get them to sync.

What system do you have and what encoder are you using?

Div-X is another variation of mpeg-4. Make sure it isn’t Div-X.

I’m on a windows PC (most recent version of iTunes, quicktime) and used videora to convert the video file. The 2nd time through I made sure it used H.264 encoding. Quicktime recognized this file as a video (it didn’t recognize the first) but iTunes still wouldn’t import it - until I renamed it to a shorter name. Can’t imagine why that would make a difference but a Google search had turned up someone who said that worked for them for some videos. I’m working with other videos now; we’ll see if that trick continues to work.