i've a trouble with vehicle.py, please HELP

i’m triyng to follow the tutorial from the b-conf 2006 on the vehicle setup in the game engine.
i’ve a problem with the script in the step in which i made the first vehicle test.

the wheels don’t stay in the rigt place, them move somehow in a not precise position.

i would like to know how to fix that and also how to control the space that is between the wehicle and the floor.

thank you



if my memory don’t fail (probably it will…bloody alzheymer)
this parameter move the wheels outside inside
"wheelAtachPosLocal = [xxx x]
this rise or lower the vehicle
"suspensionRestLenght = [xxx]
with this one
“wheel radius”
And some more phew… I guess
One way to learn ( boring) is to change one parameter and check the results
That’s what I’ve done

oh thank you very much for your answer but i’ve to change theese parameteres into the script?
or i’ve to “add a proprety” when i add initi, steer, force, etc?
thank you

ok i’ve to change them directly in the script, thank you, very, very much

my last duobt is how to set the steer axis for each wheel?
i’ve tryed changins some variables but can’t find it