Ive asked this question 2x now and no replys.....

ok, so if i have a character is it better to wait until after its rigged to texture it, or should i texture first? Or does it even matter in the first place?

Do the texturing afterwards, in my oppinion
if you do the texturing first, and then rig,
you might get some weird artifacts in the UV maps aso.
i don’t know if i’m correct, Maybe it doesn’t even matter at all.
but it’s the way i usually do it :smiley:

ok thank you very much, i just didnt want to do it, then retexture, fix stuff, retexture, and the like yah know? :smiley:
Finally! I guess im starting the rigging process on sackboy. Check the link in my sig for updates ;D

first finish of your character, texture it then apply your armature and animation.

is this how you do it? i am wondering if it gives you any animation trouble? I will take advice but now im stuck between two directions :stuck_out_tongue:

does it really matter which way>?

its just a matter of preference. i am just a noob. and usually , i create skeletal-mesh for udk. so, i texture it first, then rig it. this way, my baddest animation looks bit good :slight_smile: (due to textures)

From my experience, I do the texturing after I have it rigged.

Others may do it differently, but when I’m rigging my character I’m constantly testing poses on the character and almost always go in and change my character mesh in some way to make sure it works during animation. If I do texturing before that, I’m constantly changing my UV maps to compensate for these changes, which isn’t a very good workflow.

During the rigging process I put a simple material with an hdr image texture mapped to the reflection coordinates. That way I have a basic good looking material that allows me to see the nasty deformations. Once the mesh deforms great with the rig, then I concentrate on the texturing and lighting.

Good luck.