I've been banned for spam and I think it's unfair!!!!

I created another account specific to my blog, so I used this previous account to post this. I just logged on to my new account for my blog and it said I had been banned for spam and it would never be lifted! :frowning: :eek: All I did, was post in this forum about how to add a ‘signature’ at the end of a post, so I posted it up, and went back to a previous post I had looked at on the same topic. I then realised there was a ‘next page’ button, so felt a bit stupid. So I went back to that post and edited it to say something like “sorry, can you please delete this post” since I didn’t want to waste anybody’s time by making them repeat what was written in the other post about the same topic. This was then regarded as spam and I was blocked! I am upset because I am genuine and do not spam so my message was probably regarded as spam! :o
I hope somebody can help me out here, is it possible to have an account’s ban lifted?

I really appreciate it as I really love blender and this site is awesome! :yes: :slight_smile:

What’s the account username that was banned?

The account name was Hungry Computer

You can have a look at my blog it you want: www.hungrycomputer.tumblr.com

Ban lifted. In the future, just put a link to your site in your signature.

Thankyou so much! I really appreciate it! The add signature button has not come up yet because I haven’t posted enough posts, but when I am able, I will make sure I add a signature!
Once again thanks! :slight_smile: