Quick, torrents.

Talk about bandwidth!

pretty much the worst slashdot article ive read.

Rest in peace WeirdHat’s Server, we hardly knew Ye.

OMG! Every scene has a Star Wars character in it!!!111 :wink:

Neat idea to try Weirdhat, although you may get in trouble for having the mpgs available for download (copyright etc etc)

Wonder if anyone would try such a thing with Lord of the Rings.

Or the Rocky series, or Jaws 1, 2, and 3. Or all the James Bond films…



Very clever, Weirhat.

Next up: the “Nightmare on Elm Street” Series! Each chick gets stabbed on exactly the same frame! :stuck_out_tongue:

that would be… wierd.

you could do all the Star Trek movies! or all the Charlie Brown movies!

Fixed :smiley:

Fixed :D[/quote]

You damn geek…( :stuck_out_tongue: )

1: aravinda… You Suck! that’s about all there is to say, all you do is put people down…

  1. That’s pretty cool, you will probably find quite a few more cross refferences while watching it.

WTF man… all I do is put people down? Im just expressing my opinion. I really think this is the one of the worst most useless slashdot article Ive ever read. I dont care if u know Weirdhat, if ur a star wars nerd or if yure gay, ITS STILL THE WORST ARTICLE IVE READ ON SLASHDOT.

Ah, slashdot…

I’m going to take this time to post a vaguely on-topic Dinosaur Comic.

that was so off topic it was funny.