I've eaten cake in that resturant!

(pofo) #1

I just checked blender3d.com again and looked a little closer at the picture of the place where the conference will be held. And I realised that I ate chocolate cake there on the morning of my 18th birthday. Pretty cool considering I’ve only been in Amsterdam once and then not even for a day.
8) pofo

(sten) #2

cool…it is to far away for me too…I like chocolate cakes :wink:

(Dittohead) #3

hehe…i had lemon cake last night.

(Timothy) #4

hah cool!

was the cake good?

(pofo) #5

yup :stuck_out_tongue: As I recall it was very good.
(I could be wrong, it was awhile ago ;))

(rwv01) #6

Mmm… Cake…