I've figured it out

wish I was talking about meaning of life.

but really what I’m talking about is a fluid sim problem with animated objects and the fluid “anticipating” the impact with said object by several frames, reacting ahead of an impact. this was annoying.

well all my objects in the sims had been subsurfed. subsurf meshes were interacting at the cage level, not the visible 'surfed level, and that accounted for floating objects and improper fluids. (yuck).

this is probably useful to somebody.

did you not read the sticky?


Did you read his post? he is not asking a question, he is describing a problem for which he has found a solution. I am no mod but I think that this falls under what is allowed in the forum.


yeah i know he didnt ask a question, but i feel that it should have been posted in a different forum, its not really news, or discusssion about 3d, its a solution to a problem, which does not go here.

Well i see it that way.

not really sure where I should have posted it. but I’m lazy, someone will move it for me :eek:


don’t ban me.

first off this falls in Blender General. It might not a be a question, but it’s an “answer”

Secondo, give MEANINGFUL title to your threads…

Be sure to let the fluid sim developer know what fixed the problem, so he can try to find where the bug is in the code.