Ive got a big problem in posing. need urgent reply please

okay, what i have done is, i select first all the armatures then insert a locrotscale key, then i started posing the character (its still in the first frame) and when im already satisfied at the main pose, i started animating poses by navigating through the timeline, (auto keyframing is on) and other necessary things that an individual would do to animate poses. so when im through with that, i copy the poses in the first frame so that after the poses ive done, it would be back to what its original state, which is, the first frame poses. Now here comes the problem, whenever i make another actions, (by adding new actions) whenever i move a bone, it would go back to the last pose ive done, can you please help me.

what do you mean?

after you create the first action > then when you create the next one
every time you move a bone - when you release it is goes back to the pose of the first action?

is that what you are saying, or something different?

Yes, please help me, i dont know what to do. :frowning:

What’s most likely happening is, that the new action copies the keys from the previous action. In that case, just select all keys in the new action and delete them.

i already done that, but its still no use.

check in the NLA editor

do you have more than one action displaying at the same time?

YEs i do, i have blinks, walkcycles, lipsyncs why?

You might need to switch the NLA editor to ‘action’ mode.


  1. The button to the immediate left of the Object name toggles Blender between evaluating the entire NLA and displaying the results in the 3D window, or only evaluating the active Action (Image 9 - “Camera” is in “Action” mode, while “AR-right” and “AR-left” are in “NLA” mode). (The Icon is only displayed when NLA strips) are present for the object).

So generally, uf you put it in action not in NLA, the ones who will be active is the action instead of the NLA strips?

Yep, that’s right. I think you can change the action or create a new one as well, while in that mode. So, that solved it, yeah?

So what happens to the NLA strips when rendered? does it mean that it will also not move or something?

you use the NLA to put together multiple actions at the same time, or whatever you want

eg. you may want your character to walk and wave at the same time

The NLA lets you do this

but if you want to test an action (or create one) you can set the NLA to show just the active action not all the actions you have set for the character

read the link that fatfinger posted

thank you guys, that really helped me a lot. that solved my problem :slight_smile: