I've got a game with a stupid name

Just thought I’d let people know. I’ve got kindof a game. The reason why I say kindof is because right now the planes don’t collide with the bullets and I’m to lazy to figure out how. I also have a couple of problems when putting it into a run time…HOWEVER, it is still an awesome game and a little bit of eye candy with all the halo effects, but it slows down when the near sensors kick in. AHH whatever, just tell me what you think.


Sorry, just a black background.

Also, anyone who can personally improve on the game. It should take much. I’ll take care of modeling and designing mission, but help is in deed requested.


Screenshots… yeah.

The name is WARS INVOLVE PLANES: Dogfights. The name is sort of a ad ploy. You see a stupid name and you go check it out cause your curious. And in a way it sort of rolls off the tounge.

Lol. Very nice. I think it would be better to make some scenery so that you aren’t lost in space. Looks very nice. Good Luck

maybe a planet under the ship?
Like the fire effects and the ship model

Avoid triple- or double-posting please, thanks. Looks like a nice start.

you see that’s one of the problems. Every time I add a skybox, the texture doesn’t appear after I pack it. Even if I raise the frequency or something when saved as a runtime. It appears however in the blend file, so that’s one of the bugs I’m going to be working out. Otherwise I might have to model a whole scene which will take more time per level.