i've got a problem with animating, must be easy to solve...

(pikilipita) #1

I a real beginner, so i’ve got lot of problems with game engine.
I can find a good way to animate a pinguin firing with a gun.
I give up.
But i’m sure the solution is simple.
please, help.
here the blender file :

By the way, to make Artificial Intellignece moving other characters,
will i need to use python( be sure i don’t know any word of it) or will
the logicial bricks be ok for it ?


(wiseman303) #2

About the AI, it depends on how complex you want it. For an example of simple AI using only logic bricks you can check out Robo-Gladiators at http://robowar.vze.com

Basicly the enemies just have track-to, and movement actuators to make them always point at the player and move forward. They also have a near sensor that makes them use their weapon when they’re near to the player.

(OTO) #3

Hello Pikilipita
That’s quite good, for a beginner
The only “big” prob (if it’s one) is that the pinguin slides instead of
Some movement at the feet and general bouncing wiil help i guess
Ah, you forget to smooth the pinguin
Keep Blending

(pikilipita) #4

excuse me; but how do you smooth an object in the real yime engine ?

And a what about the gun ?
should it be a child of the arm or a child of the body ?

What’s that ? “boucing” ?


(Carl) #5

smoothing can be found by pressing f9 when you have selected a mesh (model) then find the button that says ‘set smooth’ it’s next to ‘set solid’ and press it…

the gun should be a child of the arm, most logically speaking…

animating the feet and so called ‘general bouncing’ refers to the fact that people go up and down when they walk…

you could for instance make the penguin swing (rotate) from side to side as he shifts his weight from the left to the right foot…

good luck, it looks interesting!


(OTO) #6

Well said Carl :slight_smile:

(pikilipita) #7

the last screenshoot of my game :
I’ve got a new huge problem.

I there a way not to reset properties values of a shared object when you change the current scene.
example :
i want the life point value of my character not to be change when he passes from the 1st level to the 2nd level.


(ineedanewbi) #8

that would be like pulling gold out of water… nah… just joking

it is possible, but ur not going to be too happy if u’ve gone that far

u need a scene that is AWAYS running

have a “Status” scene that contains information about Life weapons and ammo.

in level 1 make
Always(true pulse mode off) >> And >> Add overlay scene "status

when lev1 is done
blah blah >>and >>remove scene “lev1” + Add background scene “lev2”

use messages(sensors and actuators) to transfer information to the status scene ei

scene lev1
collision"bullet" >> And >> message subj. “hurt10”

scene status
message subj. “hurt10” >> And >> property “Life” -10
property “Life” interval -100, 0 >> And >> message subj. “Dead”

do u understand? play around with overlay and background scene, properties and messages… good luck

(pikilipita) #9

well, it is exactly what i’ve did just before post my message.
I uses this tips to count ammo of my pinguin gun.
But it is not ok for my game. OK to count ammo but…
I need to have control of my character position when an “level” scene is replaced by an other.

In fact, my pinguin visits rooms of a house.
Considering where does come my pinguin, i must place him in front of a specific door of this room.
>>> if he enter the kitchen by the garden , it is not the same as if he enters the kitchen by the living room.
So i’ve made an ipo position for each possibility of coming in the kitchen.
Each room equal one scene.
And when he enters a new room, so when a new scene is loaded, i can’t tell him :
your ipo position refers to a propertie located in a overlay scene.
Because i don’t know how to communicate properties from an overlay scene top a background scene.

And that’s too sad…!

Any may thanks for trying to help me !