I've got a problem with my rigging! (Blend files and pictures included!)

here’s my rigging of a human body (I followed a video tutorial on youtube and I followed it step by step but I’m not quite sure what went wrong here…)

you can see that when I go to pose mode the human character kinda got messed up I don’t know what’s causing the problem…


here’s what I think might be the problem if I delete these bones the model goes back to normal but I need those bones so I can’t delete them! is there any way other than deleting those bones? picture below:


here’s the blend file so you can understand my problem better…


Yea, there’s a bit of a problem with the way the arms are set up. The IK constraint on the upper arm isn’t necessary. I’ve seen this method for elbow targets before, and it will work, but the chain len in the constraint is set to 0, so the constraint affects all bones connected to the bone via parent/child relationships. Setting chain len to 1 would probably fix it up, but I didn’t do that. Instead, I removed the constraint on the upper arm, and used the pole target feature of the ik on the lower arm to achieve what you are after. The legs are set up the same way, but you do have a value in chain len so they work properly.

Hope this helps,


problem with my rig.blend (635 KB)

thanks man :slight_smile: appreciate it a lot :slight_smile:

I should have seen that one… thanks.