I've got a problem with the basics of softbody help?

my softbody plane is just kinda floating up and down when I press ALT + A I need it to fall down on to the ground not floating! what should I do?:spin: pictures below :


anybody??? sigh…

Kind of vague request. You could post your BLEND file, it looks simple enough. Also it is useful to mention what version of blender you are using. I can’t tell just from that screen shot. But I might guess that your weight paint of RED color hold the plane in position. I would expect that that the rest of the plane would kind of droop down.

You can review these two attached files, perhaps the settings in these files may help you determine why your file is not working correctly.


curtain_in_wind(softbody).blend (193 KB)ras_softbody_video_napkin_1a.blend (168 KB)

thanks! I’ll check it out :slight_smile: