ive got a question...

(TomorrowMan) #1

yo everyone, whasup? not much here, but i got a question about gameBlender…say if i put a UVtexture like this on a single face…

![http://C:/My Documents/example.jpg](http://C:/My Documents/example.jpg)

could i make the green part transperant?

(joecool) #2

uh, there is no picture.
http://C:/My Documents?
it’s not happening man.

(TomorrowMan) #3

forget the picture…i can explain it without one…say i wanted to apply different alpha values to different parts of a face…like 0%(completely transperent), 50%(somewhat transperent), or 100%(not transperent)…almost like vertex painting on transperency…or can there be transperent parts of a texture which is on one face…am i making sence? i hope so, well thats what im wanting to know…could i do that?

(Fred_Pyo) #4

You can use software such as Photoshop, Photopaint, or even GIMP (can GIMP do it?) to modify your image and set different alpha… levels to different parts, finally saving it as a targa image.

How to do that? hmmm… Let’s first get one application that can do it and then we go into details… (or someone else here can be so nice of explaining it to you in a detailed way)

(TomorrowMan) #5

ALRIGHT! thats simple enough! dont worry though, i have photoshop 7.0, and im expereinced with it, so no probs there…i just didnt know .tga files also saved alpha data. thanks for the pointer! :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #6

LOL, http://c:\my documents…


(TomorrowMan) #7

alright, i guess im not as expereinced with photoshop that i thought or somethin! ok, i have a problem though…i made this little 1 layer (not background layer) image with photoshop, it had a blue to alpha gradient from one corner to the other…so i could test the .tga…and…it didnt save right…i selected “.tga” when i was going to save the image…but it wouldnt save the alpha data! whats up? :-?

(Haunted-House) #8

I’ve had this problem before, it’s because you HAVE to save the image as 32 bit.

(guru202) #9


I have a tool that converts photoshop psd layers to png or tga 32bit files. If anyone needs it, talk with me :smiley:

(ndnchief) #10

This should clear it up for you, if you use PS7 you need to go here, in 7 there is an issue with Alpha Channels and Targa Format when trying to save. I believe you need to update to 7.01 to get it to work properly. here is the link to what you need to know…

The NDN…