I've got good quality Texture images, but they show up blurry and poor when rendered.

It’s not even a terribly complicated mesh. It’s literally a single plane

I’m trying to render a basic iPhone home Screen onto it as a texture.
I’ve tried:

  • UV Unwrapping and fitting the mesh to the Image (Below)
  • Using a Generated & Flat setting to display the image
  • Setting the Cameras Focus to the plane Object
  • Moving the Camera closer

Image To Display:

What I see when I Render:

I’ve also used a far higher quality image than this one instead, but I kept having the same issues. I’ve tried changing the filter a bit to see if there is some effect being placed that keeps it looking so bad.


I really don’t know why this is so problematic, I can’t find a single setting that will fix this. Can someone help me or give me a solution to this? I’ve googled it and can’t find anything useful.

Not sure if that is true. The “quality” of a texture is mainly determined by its resolution. The image you attached here is 320 x 569 pixels, which is very much low res in my book. And even if you would quadruple that to 640 x 1138 pixels, that still would not be a high quality image for a texture.

Try changing the filter value to the lowest possible setting and disable mipmap. You still might need a texture with a much higher resolution - I’m aware that this might be difficult, given the resolution of an iPhone’s screen. If your final shot of the phone is straight on like in your screenshot, perhaps it’s easier and better quality to just montage the home screen graphics in post?

would make it easier if you can upload file
did u try it in cycles ?

here is test with low res image from first post

this is not bad res
but could be higher if image was better quality

happy cl


You have to choose the method of interpolation of the image and set it to closest



I originally tried using an image of resolution 1242x2208. If that’s not high def I don’t know what is.

It wouldn’t allow me to upload it here, so I’ve got it linked from Imgur.

Sorry, I don’t know why the attachment is there, it’s wrong.


This was rendered in BI with your latest texture file, image sampling settings below.
Mind you that the render resolution is also important: Left rendered in 2400 x 2000 and scaled down to about 40%, right rendered in 1200 x 1000 and scaled down to about 80%. Both renders have the same size, but the texture is much sharper in the left one (watch screenshot at full size!).

Perhaps it would have been a good idea if you had posted the hi res texture in the first place - or even better: a scene file for us to play with.

I did not understand well maybe, but if your problem is the rendering of the image with Cycles, then you have to use interpolation of texture images to eliminate blur.

From the screenshots the OP posted he seems to want to render this in Blender Internal. Yet again: All misunderstandings could have been avoided, if the OP had just posted a small example scene. Or hadn’t cropped the top part of his screenshots. Or had stated clearly which render engine he wants to use…:wink:

There was a spontaneous wish just to give you all my money! Thanks! Switching from Linear to Closest worked.


Would you please make this .blend file available again? Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! The same worked for me! :open_hands: