ive made grass. now how to animate it?

ive made some nice looking grass and in my first scene the camera is looking in the window of a house as the character wakes up. the problem is the only thing that moves is the character. and theyre just a small part of the screen. around the house is some nice looking grass that i made but it is too still throughout the animation. i was wondering if there was a quick and easy way to make it wave ever so slightly in make believe wind without getting too complicated. just so its not so static?

my other question would be if it would affect performance and spped of the render and if so by how much at a guess? i am running an overclocked 2gb gtx760 at 1.3ghz and a stock amd fx8350 with 16gb of 1600mhz ram. i managed to get the render speeds per frame down to about 42seconds without losing too much quality. it actually looks surprisingly good (to me anyway) using the following settings: 30 samples. 95% of 1600x900 and light paths set to 3max and no caustics 256 tiles for gpu render etc. also i probably should have mentioned im using cycles.

many thanks for any help and sorry its so long winded…

also, sorry… im new here and ive started two threads in the last week but the second one never appeared. i think i read somewhere that they need to be checked first by admin so i didnt lose it? but i started it like at least 6 hours ago i think… i wonder whats taking so long?
any way cheers all, ill shuddup now


Its possible but there are numerous ways to make grass “move”

if its done with the particle system you could just set the particle type to “dynamic” and have forces do the work for you…
if the grass is done with meshes, you should be able to use some kind of modifier (hell even and armature modifier could work) and have the grass realistically influenced by the armature so the tallest parts of the grass mesh are affected.

as for render times… who could guess… you will only know by finding out…

but even optimistically you’re looking at doubling your render times.