I've noticed something weird....

Have you ever noticed that a lot of forums are “messier” than elYsiun? No, really! A lot of forums have people with REALLY ANNOYING animated .gif avatars and graphics-rich signatures that are much longer than most of their posts. Two examples:

The main thing I’m wondering is, why hasn’t elYsiun become a nasty mess of visual overload like these? Are there rules against it? Have we not thought of it? Or are we just smarter?

Don’t know of people but Moderators are very smart :slight_smile:

And there are rules, only you are pointed to them only when you break them, that’s why you don’t know them. Haven’t broke them (yet %| )


hah because we don’t allow them to! :slight_smile:

egotrippers :slight_smile:


Could it also be, that as we are artists, we have better taste? :slight_smile:

thumbs up for that!!!

Actually, this is one of the reasons I like these forums. It loads fast, clean, fun to read(sometimes not), educating (if your not lazy, like me, that is :expressionless: ).

I’m on these forums for fun. It has no difference how it looks, though if that last “Myst” forum was an indication (long pages and no “next” button), I’d want everything clean and short.

One thing that bugged me when avatars first came around elYsiun was the ultra-small 65x65 size. I find it much better than a huge picture that takes up the whole screen, like some other forums seem to allow, but it still annoys me to an extent that we have undetailed pictures if we want it from a certain angle.
I’m thirsty for some Coke.
I’m kind of annoyed with the signature limit of 255 characters. Seeing some of those other forums was actually kind of, well, educational. (See? I don’t need school!)

Naah… most of us aren’t… I mean Most of us does scenes that are easy to undesratsnd. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah… It’s really insane, when you go in some forums, which allow signature and avatr pics in high res. So user friendly… not.

That’s why youre an administrator, not a mod.

VK: correct, that’s because we are smarter cough


Sure theeth…

I don’t see what’s so unclean about those other forums…
But we definitely are smarter. :Z

We are the SMARTEST community on all of yon’ webbies!!!

It is so very official!! :smiley:

i don’t think it’s qute a matter of intelligence, the rules are practical, why would someone need a giant avatar or signature, u only see em once, the avatar is just and indentificator.

i think this forum works so weel is cuz the person that gets in gets a felling of belongin to this place, like a home, so he takes care for it to say it ina way

its gotta be something to do with the fact that this forum is graphics orientated. People would rather spend time creating their own pics than to make a detailed profile pic and sig.

On other forums i used to have a detailed sig pic, but here i haven’t even thought about it. Rather use my time to work on my latest project.

actually i don’t think this forum is any cleaner than others around the net.

Cleanest and most user friendly is the www.tomshardware.com forums

NO avatars, NO emoticons , NO nothing LOL.

the user can set things like the size of the imput box’s, the screen resizes (unlike crappy elysiun’s fixed width)

its very clean and functional at tomshardware, but not very pretty.

there are many other forums around the net that are nicer than here.

but all in all i must say that since the new change around this forum has become VERY UNTIDY.

the order of the forum layout is pretty dumb i must think.
it should go in this order


currently its DUMB with this setup


it is an art forum, yet the off topic is first (WHY), and art in 3rd place.

geeze it seems so illogical.

Alltaken (off to cut and paste into elysiun suport page)

Since Blender gives you a hard time at the beginning, and all the “WEEEEE! Neither do I have artistic talent nor can I hold a pencil but I want to make Toy Story 3”-kids are scared away at a pretty early stage (and are now modeling chrome balls in 3dsmax). Only those who are willing to dig deeper can unveil the powers of blender and are now in this forum.

Blender. Separates the men from the boys.

Unfortunately that’s not always true…

yeah, personally i hate forums where people have these huge banners in their signatures…


It can be horrible, I’ve seen signatures the size of one of cubefan’s posts! :o