I've searched but can't find anything on using Yafray or making caustics in 2.57

Can someone tell me how to use Yafray, and/or how to make caustic effects in Blender 2.57? Or at least link me to topics on how? Thank you

Your answers are more than likely in here http://yafaray.org/documentation/userguide

Blender internal does not support caustics, so Yafaray would be the way to go here, but I believe that there are certain light types that need to be used, so that’s why I included the user guide link.

Thank you. I had forgotten the internal render could not support caustics. But now I can’t figure out how to use Yafray as an external renderer, the buttons and settings don’t look like they show in that Yafray user guide anymore.

No they don’t, and that’s because the 2.5x exporter is “experimental” and documentation has not been updated, however it does work the same for the most part and things translate over very well. The look is different, but the terminology is the same. Additional help can be found in the forums there, about how to set up the exporter, unless you have downloaded a build that has Yafaray included, then you don’t have to worry about it. Read the manual as a guide and you will start to find the familiar settings in the current build.

All right, but since I have absolutely no idea what’s going on now, can someone tell me what I’d have to do to use Yafaray then?

Use a spot light. If you need more definition for the caustics add another spot at the same location set to photon only.

If you need more specific advice post up an example file.

There is no photon option in this version of Blender to my knowledge, that’s my problem.

hi, you’ll have to download a 2.57 build from www.graphicall.org with Yafaray 0.1.2 exporter add-on already included, or you have to compile the source code yourself, i believe. you’ll need to have Yafaray 0.1.2 installed on your system already - version 0.1.1 wont work with these builds.

Then go to the renderer selection dropdown thingy up in the header area (whats that called again?), choose Yafaray, and you’re good to go.

BTW: a personal preference, but i don’t enjoy the still very much “experimental”/very much buggy version 0.1.2. i like that it supports particles now, but it’s harder to get an error-free render (at least that’s my limited experience with it). i gave up after a while and went back to 0.1.1. caustics never looked right when i used 0.1.2, even with the same settings i’d use in v0.1.1…dunno why. i really like Yafaray and very much appreciate all that the developers are doing to make it work with Blender 2.5x, but it’s not there quite yet, in my humble opinion.

last thing - you do NOT need to use specific lights in Yafaray to get caustics. you DO, however, need to have caustics enabled if you’re using the direct lighting raytracing algorithm. all other algorithms (photon mapping, pathtracing, etc) will produce caustics but you may have to tweak the caustics settings in the render options tab to get them to look just right for what you want.

i hope this helps!

0.1.2 renders caustics better than 0.1.1 and is more versatile to set up. You can set caustic photons independently of diffuse photons and there is the ‘Photon only’ option for spotlights.

It also gives a more accurate render for glossy surfaces.

StaticDemon the photon only option is in the spotlight settings, but is only visible after you select ‘Yafaray render’ from the dropdown menu.

We can give you more specific advice if you upload the scene file.

it is more versatile, i did like that about it; maybe it was the build of 2.56 i was using to export (but i also used 0.1.2 a handful of times in 2.49), but it seemed no amount of tweaking caustics settings would give me accurate caustics. maybe i’ll take your word for it and give another chance. however, i also couldn’t seem to render a decent glossy surface without black pixels or random fireflies. have you run into that? again, maybe i’ll just have to give it another chance.