I've seen heaven

Or more like I’m trying it out in the form of Wacom Intuous3 of the size of A4. I borrowed one from the school I’m at at the moment.
I now fully understand what people are raving about these more pricy tables, this is light years more fluent and effective than my old Aiptek tablet.

I’m infact typing this by using a on screen keyboard, because I just don’ t want to let go of it.:slight_smile:

My first tablet is a Graphire 3 A6, and I can’t ever see myself buying anything other than a Wacom. I can’t pick a single fault with the tablet (other than it isn’t large enough, but that isn’t it’s fault!)

An Intuous with tilt sensitivity would be even better I’d imagine!

Now all you need to do is save up!


yeah ok…
nice head tutorial…lol

I agree with you. I bought myself a beauty recently. Oh, the sweet, sweet, 5,080 lpi magic.


I would screw my budget if I’d go and buy one right now, but in the other hand things like eating and paying rent are totally exaggarated… I could go on for months by eating bark just from the knowledge of my new baby :smiley:

But in more serious note, I really think, that the next tablet I’ll buy is of Wacom family. They are pircy, but now after I’ve given it some testing I really see where the money goes.

Yeah, they’re pretty much the best ever. I saved up for an age to get mine.

If you are a student you can order one from http://www.academicsuperstore.com/ at a discount price.

I’ve never used a tablet before but isn’t it hard to match up what’s happening on screen with what your hand is doing? <- don’t anybody dare say anything rude.

I have the same issue with the Wii because the hand-eye coordination just seems way off. Maybe it just takes getting used to but it would make more sense to me to be able to draw directly on the screen or at least have the tablet transparent so you can attach it to the screen.

I never had a problem with it, myself. My brain transposes. Moving left < left. Moving right > right. Some people can’t get the hang of it, but it’s like a second nature to me. I do all my sketching with a tablet, now that I have this big mother.

EDIT: Eheh. Here’s an onscreen option if you’re willing to shell out a cool three g’s US.

hmmm they seem just as cheap on ebay as on academic superstore. but then again there’s the issue of really getting what u want which u cant be totally sure of on ebay.

yeah i’m in the process of seriously looking at them with the intention to buy. what do u think guys, 6x8, 6x11, or 9x12? is 9x12 really needed?

If you’re a good artist, the bigger the better. More control, more detail, less cramp. You’ll only really notice it if you draw a lot, though.

EDIT: I must add though that, like anything, it’s just a tool. It will never make you a better artist.

of course. yeah i like drawing big, but with my budget i dont know if i can afford a 9x12…

I had a 4x5 Graphire3 that I gave away after a couple of years. I just bought the 4x5 Graphire4 and the pressure sensitivity is much better. Although I use it mostly to touch up photographs, the 4x5 isn’t bad and it came in at $120 (Canadian). You should be able to map the drawing area to a small section of the screen if you want more detail work. I’ve also noticed that the tablet is sensitive outside of the 4x5 area and clamps to the screen border (might be able to hack it somehow). I couldn’t justify the huge price jumps for the bigger tablets at the moment.

yeah i just drew out a 6x8 section on a piece of paper…it still allows decent stroke size so i’ll probably get that. i dont think the 9x12 would fit on my desk anyways.
especially if i’m going to get a new monitor…that’s next. well maybe after an ipod and a laptop. sheesh this is why i use free programs…:stuck_out_tongue:

you havn’t seen heaven till you have used a Cintiq… boy they are about 10 steps above even the most expensive tablet that doesn’t have a screen behind it.

/me really wants a Wacom. :frowning:

Can someone call my wife and beg her for my B-day next month? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d disagree there. I find that the A5 tablets are just about the right size for me. I’ve tried using larger ones and it just gets tiring and uncomfortable having to swish my arm around over such large distances. I prefer to use my wrist and forearm, not my upper arm and shoulder, as you need to do with the huge ones.

Perhaps if you’re using it as a huge canvas for digital painting only (in which case you’re working in localised areas a lot of the time), the bigger ones might be ok, but you’re also going to be inevitably using software interfaces too, which means selecting menu items, pressing buttons, and all sorts of things that involve you pointing at things all around the screen.

Can do, just send me phone number and address.


The Cintiq does look interesting, but it is way out of my price range. I’d be happy get a Intuos tablet.

sorry to regurgitate this thread but i didn’t want to start another “yay!” thread.

but i got my 6x8 intuos tablet! it’s awesome, the size is perfect for my desk space and everything else. it’s beautiful. *tear