I've spilled some... Love

I’ve just finished doing this, rendered with indigo, for 40 hours… :smiley: hope you like


Wow. Looks amazing man. There’s something about the wood i can’t put my finger on. The pen and glass look amazing. Nice use of a lot of blenders features.

really good work dude.
the texture on the plug looks a bit out of place imho but all other parts are great. :smiley:

not bad :smiley:
the way the wood comes up to the wall is kinda weird…if thats the floor you need some crown molding where they meet…if its a table then you need some space between the table and the wall :cool:
good work. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great work, but the wood going up against the wall could be improved(already said)…but other than that…just…


'nuff said.

Seriously though…really REALLY amazing work!!!


ok, as a amature wood turner, the texture on that plug is wrong. the grain of the wood would be going lengthwise through the plug(in this case, up and down.) otherwise, when you tried to force the plug out, you’d split the wood right away. but I guess that doesn’t bother me half as much as the fact that the plug on the left seems to have no specularity hardness. the plug on the right bottle looks great. maybe it’s just a trick of my eyes?

otherwise, nice render! I’m not very familiar with indigo, but you seem to have nailed the glass and water settings on the nose! that’s most certainly blender.org gallery material.


i think the specularity issueit’s because of the lightning, you know that indigo is a light simulator, so, i think it’s the problem, 'coz both plugs have the same material assigned, just the UV-mapped changes, regarding to that, the plugs were never supposed to be forced, so they wont slit… :smiley: hehehe, but now, i just dont want to tweak it any longer, i’m leaving it this way, for the next time, i’ll took your oppinions from a WIP thread, hehehe…

@Daniel: true, it did fall out, didn’t it? <vbg> well, in the future, one would never turn a stopper that would be forced in that way.
Well said. it <i>is</i> a finished project, not a WIP. many pardons…


… man i didnt get your last post, pardon me, i think my last post sounds kind of rude, now im reading it again… the last part of the “i’ll took your oppinions from a WIP thread”… i meant that the next time, i will post a preview image on the WIP Forum so you guys can tell me what’s wrong or funny, so, i can change it… excuse me, my mother language is not English, and sometimes i dont know how to express me well…but thanks for the oppinions!:D… Cheers!

Looks great!
I’ve never used indigo but it looks like it renders glass very well. I’ll have to give it a try.

I agree with what everyone else has said about the wood looking odd but i think its just because I’ve never seen a cork that shape before.