I've used Blender for...

Hi all,

Had an idea for a thread. Blender related, but not really news or anything so I’ve put it here. Really basic. What have you used Blender for? The more interesting the use the better. I’ve tried quite a few uses, so I’ll get the ball rolling.

I’ve used Blender for…

  • Modelling a model for a fashion show (In progress actually. Sounds funny as a sentence…)
  • Modelling for jewellery production (Computer milled wax model for casting. Price was a bit much at the time as I was a student, so I hand carved the model in the end anyway.)
  • Modelling for a game
  • Modelling and animation for short films
  • Creating print graphics (last three pretty standard compared to the rest)
  • Home-brew Motion Capture experiments (2 good webcams and open source or demo software. Getting closer, but nothing useable yet. Anyone who has had success with this sort of thing, let me know!)
  • Creating website graphics
  • Started a bit of archetectural previs/walkthrough once, but client cancelled it as too many design changes were being made regularly.
  • Full production of an interactive DVD project (First university project I switched to doing fully in Blender rather than Max or Maya. Probably more important to my direction as an artist than I gave it credit for at the time).

Other stuff I’ve thought of but haven’t carried out yet include making collectable type statuettes via something like ‘Shapeways’ and designing T-shirts with nicely rendered funny characters and such.

Anyways, share your uses for our favourite little app!

Make art and make money selling them. I have to get 50 ready to go for a dinner hosted by the independent living center in November.

And guess what, they want me to mark up the price on my matted artwork as they think 30 bucks is too cheap for most of them.

This thread is a good idea!

I’ve used blender for:

  • Some animated shorts
  • Advertisement for a non-profit organization
  • Introductory video for a local TV network
  • Several prototype images for my design studio class
  • A webcomic

I use blender for…

  1. 3d animations

  2. Abstract photos

  • they make good power point backgrounds :slight_smile:
  1. compositing (really like this feature :smiley: )

  2. Video editing

  • still kind of tough though :slight_smile:

most of the above, plus:

  • as a 2d morpher (any interest and i might post a tute!)

  • as a chroma keyer (all hail the nodes!)

  • to integrate 3d photography into a virtual 3d environment (www.timesplice.com.au)

iv done lots of pictures of cars and put them on my website

animation shorts is the fisrt thing that pops into my head but really i use it to have fun with the water and cloth simulations.


I use Blender for:

Creating gifts for my family
Web Designing
Keeping myself busy

And I’m sooo happy! My cousin downloaded it yesterday!

Ive used it for a lot of things.

Mostly just making Models, Animations and Games. But ive also used it for speeches and presentations (makes much better visuals than power point etc)

I also used it for my big final year project in Physics, where i built a simulation of the inside of a fusion reactor. It involved hundreds of atomic nuclei flying around and colliding (and thus fusing together and releasing neutrons and energy etc) to demonstrate how fusion works. There was a counter of the overall energy generated as well, updated in real-time as the simulation ran in the BGE.

I got a perfect 100% score for the project btw, and really enjoyed it. Certainly blew everyone away who saw the speech i did with the simulation etc. :slight_smile:

I plan in the future to use Blender for all my Engineering project ‘visual demonstrations’. ie not the CAD simulation stuff (because blender isnt built for that kind of stuff) but just the nice polished animations to go along with presentations etc.

Plus i have a big game project im starting atm, and all the usual little animations.

Oh and i entered into the Adelaide film festival with a Blender animation this year, got first place and a lot of neat prizes. Several thousand dollars worth. Im definetly entering again next year. :wink: (you can see the thread here)
And I know uve seen it already Ben, u should enter next year!

I use Blender for fun and creativity. I like to train my imagination.

i’ve used Blender for DVD menus, conference visuals and free-pitching.

I’ve used it for college assignments.