IVY gen Problem

Hey im trying to make IVY in blender. i’ve done it before, but the options don’t show up in the menu. it doesn’t seem to matter what object i click on… …the options just are not there (edit menu or object menu).

I even disabled all my other add-ons… (BoolTool, Hard-Ops, and extra mesh objects)

i am using 2.77 (2.77 216-03-18 Blender Foundation)


BrokenIvy.blend (917 KB)

I can make the ivy… …but i cant change anything!

Updated Blender to the latest version… …still no luck. :(… …oh and im running a mac

[Solved] Tool operator panel was hidden. I clicked the cross on the bottom and dragged it up! (f6 can also bring it up)