Ivy Generator

Can you tell me where I can get a workable Ivy Generator add-on for V.2.79? The one I had was V.1.2, which didn’t provide the “Add New Ivy” button. I replaced it with V1.2, which did not provide menu item under Curve/Add… Replaced that with V1.3, and it doesn’t even load up in Preferences?!

Becoming exasperated - need help, please.

P.S. - Using iMac

2.79b version 1.2 has it on the shift+a curve menu and 2.79 from buildbot version 1.4 has it on the T panel under Create tab

Thanks, ramboblender, for the quick reply. However, I wasn’t clear on my issue - the “location” of Add Ivy To Mesh isn’t the issue. The issue is, I cannot find a version of the IvyGenerator that has the Add New Ivy, once it is opened. See this image from an online tutorial - in the menu is “Add New Ivy”

Then, see this screenshot of the menu when opened on my computer - there is no “Add New Ivy”

I might add, this is after I downloaded a fresh version of 2.79b on my iMac.

Thanks again for responding!

2.79b has the old version, you have to download blender 2.79 from here https://builder.blender.org/download/ to get the latest version of ivy generator.

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Got it, ramboblender…you’re my hero today! Thanks for following up and getting me going again!