ivygen addon question

Hi all !!!

Too bad the topic on ivy has been closed. I would have asked my question there but here’s a new topic :wink:

After playing with the genuine ivygen and also with the blender plugin, i noticed something really annoying:

It seems impossible to have control on leaves presence. lemme explain:

with normal leaves probability, i obtain a result with lower half having no leaves and upper half having a proper leaves density.

with high leaves probability, i obtain a nice result with billion leaves on the upper half making the mesh unusable ( i still don’t have bought this quantic computer i dream of :stuck_out_tongue: )

Does anyone know a way of properly dispatch leaves over the branches ? if yes, please help !

thanks in advance for your answers.

happy blending.

EDIT: i noticed the forum is unable to search for ‘ivy’. The usual and findable keyword is ivygen.
Therefore if a nice moderator can change this thread title to ivigen instead of ivy it would really be nice of you :slight_smile: thanks in advance !

Allright !!!
I never met Mr Python and his language
I never met Mr Blender and it’s API

but i gave it a try :wink:
In fact if leaves are left over from the bottom half of the plant, it’s not a chance. It’s on purpose !!!
It might be a good idea to consider, that lower leaves are older ones and therefore are dead and have disappeard.
But for those who don’t want this …?.. well you can’t except if you edit the script…

It’s precisely what i did inside blender.
I added a float factor on the bottom of the tools win where it’s talking about leaves. this factor available in the [0;1] domain
just trims the height coef for leaves presence. When my factor is 0, leaves are uniformly dispatched all over the branches, and when my factor is 1 then the leaves are dispatched just like they were before my changes.

so here’s the script with my changes:
add_curve_ivygen_with_uniform_leaves.zip (7.03 KB)

( sorry i really got no idea on how to post code or a .PY file in this forum. Therefore i send it in a zip )

pitibonom i think you forgot to add the code

ah ah no am fighting for adding it on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s here now :slight_smile:

please don’t expect the changes to be academic. i’m an old programmer but i really got no idea on python internals not more than on blender internals. Mebe i did real crap in this code !
So i cannot guarantee anything. Just to say it works fine and as wanted on my machine.

i mean… USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK :smiley:

and just tell me if you like the idea :wink:

regards and happy blending !

EDIT: for example i’m just realizing i didn’t change the name of the original plugin. So installing it might generate conflicts…
I really don’t know how to change a plugin name :frowning: if any1 knows how to, please feel free to do it and post the result here :slight_smile:

EDIT2: For those mightiest of you, if you wanna see what i changed in the code, just search for
‘leafWeightInfluence’ and you’ll see the things i added. The only line i changed is the weight test
one ( line number 145 ). I commented it and added mine just after…

Reviving this just to say i changed some things in this addon to make it more user frendly, allowing multiple ivy non painfull edition :slight_smile:
And also ( new features new use ) the ability to use collection of leaves for the leaves.

Of course This is 2.8+ ( i only tested it on 2.92 )

Hope you like it !

Happy blending !