IvyGen improvements


I’m not coder myself but I was able to do improvements to ivygen script.
Here they are:

  1. Starting vector was 0,0,1, I’ve made 0,0,0 because all new branches were always growing up, it was especially visible on vertical wall and ivy didn’t want to grow horizontally. All in all ivy grows down and to sides too. Unfortunatelly now growing starts to X-Y direction. It would be nice that very first branch could grow up or at normal direction+up, but I don’t know how to do it.
  2. I’ve added zVector parameter box to control growing up direction similar to gw:ivy plugin for 3dsmax and it works nice
  3. I’ve added randomness to angle for new branch and this works too
  4. I’ve adjusted branch thickness formula and removed unused variables
  5. It seems leaf normals are reversed, that needs fixing too
  6. I don’t have enough knowledge to add leaf distance control (there is matrix I think, not sure though) and leaf random rotation.
  7. Could it be also possible to add routine to adjust thickness for new branches to be lower then original? I’ve attached screenshot from gw:ivy to show how it looks there:

Link to script here:

Best regards.

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i looked at the code, perhaps you could do something with numNodes. to let it decrease based upon count.
i’m not so sure how it is suposed to work, i’m not into python.

Hello, Eneen. I know it’s been 4 years since you posted here, but I hope you’re still on this forum :slight_smile:
Would you please share the script again? It says “The bin does not exist”. What you described here is exactly what I was thinking about need to improve IvyGen! It would help a lot to let branches grow less vertically.

Razorblade, maybe you still happen to have the file?

Do you maybe have any pictures of results you achieved?

It’s toong ago don’t have it anymore

Outlook voor Android downloaden

I’ve “ported” changes into newer version, pelase test.
add_curve_ivygen_beta.py (28.3 KB)