IXY - a little robot (short movie)

Helo, this is my third animation made with Blender and it’s the first time that I’m posting it here. I still have really a lot to learn, I’m using blender for about half of a year but I didn’t really have enough time to learn more, so I hope that I would be able to do it in the upcoming months… I would really like to hear what do you think about it and how can I make it look even better. I know I should more focus on shorter animations to practice, but I really wanted to finish this one… It took me about a month. Thanks for watching and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Delightful work. you took the time to do your best and it shows. Really my best advice is to keep up the practice, your better then me already. In your shorter animations to come (think you said your planning to do shorter) play with the textures a bit too. Some real fun there if you just try a bit here and there, and don’t let it become a distraction to improving your developing animation skills.

Very good. Nice story.